Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Our first week, introductions, and contest, February 1 - 7.

To celebrate our first week we're going to choose a winner from the posts between now and February 7. The prize is a copy of each of our books pictured here, including two by Pam Rosenthal wearing her dirtiest hat as Molly Weatherfield.

The Rules
Every time you post between now and February 7, you'll qualify to win. But it has to be a post that says something other than hello--we want to get to know you and fulfill your every need--well, almost every need. Your needs from this blog. We don't want to be a blog of shameless self-promotion, although we'll certainly blow our own horns when the occasions arise. We do want to know what interests you about the art and craft of erotic writing, history and research, and what you like to read or write.

And the really fine print: We know when you've been naughty, we know when you've been nice. Blogger tells us if you're the same person appearing with a different identity and we will search you out and... environmental concerns prevent us from sending you a lump of coal, but we'll count you only one time. We will mail the prizes only to a US address. We pick the winner using crude technology. We do not tolerate whining.