Monday, October 15, 2007

Mmmm, silky....

Just a short post to reveal the cover for my upcoming regency with Aphrodisia, Black Silk. Well, it’s coming in April 2008, but the way time seems to go by, I guess April will be here before I know it. My editor described my cover as "Sharonesque", a word I’ve been rolling around on my tongue for the last few days. I rather like the sound of that—even if I’m not quite sure what I want it to mean.

I love the drama of my cover, even if it isn’t a strongly historical image . This will be my first couple cover, at least once where they have been caught in the midst of being passionate, which, for me, really suits the story. Shouldn’t a couple cover suit all of my erotic romance books (at least not the menage ones)? Well, I guess so, but in Black Silk, my hero uses sex like liquor or a drug—to help him forget a painful past. Sex has so many layers for him that have nothing to do with desire or love, and until he opens his heart to the heroine, he can’t really explore desire and love. So for me, the passionate couple definitely strikes a chord for this story.

I also got my copy edits along with my cover flats, so I am furiously working on those right now, and have taken a break from my WIPs to get them done. I’m enjoying the read, and have not been struck by any intense, furious desire to rewrite sections—though we seem to get so little time for copyediting, there’s never time to navel gaze. Which I think is probably the point! I’d be hopeless if I had months to rethink every word. Which I would—wouldn’t we all?

Here’s the blurb for Black Silk:
Maryanne Hamilton had expected to be shocked, but the wanton orgy she finds in Mrs. Master’s salon makes her wonder if she has walked into hell. Desperate to escape, she comes upon the master of sin himself—Lord Swansborough. Fascinated by his nakedness, she longs to touch every inch of his long, hard body. And when he bids her come near, she quickly surrenders to his wicked promises of carnal pleasure and sensual ecstasy…

Now back to copy edits! For everyone else out there—what are you working on in your writing life, or what are you reading?


Kate Pearce said...

It's a beautiful cover-I love the motion in it. I think Aphrodisia are moving toward the non-historical historical covers! Mine doesn't look Regency at all :)
good luck on the copy edits! I'm just editing Aphrodisia book #2, the menage one, and hope to have it ready to go for Dec 1

Celia May Hart said...

I'm finally reading the first Kim Harrison book. After being told by a writer buddy that I had to read it, and then sitting next to Kim, I knew I just had to.

I'm working on editing workshop ideas to submit to National today.

My covers have never really looked historical, but when they're naked, how can you tell? *grin* They are definitely lush.

Pam Rosenthal said...

That is one terrific cover. Wow!

Jane Lockwood said...

Lovely cover, and let's face it, if they did try to make it look historical they'd get it wrong!

Sharon Page said...

Thanks all!
You have a good point, Jane!

Thanks on the copy edits, Kate. They're progressing--though I cannot believe where my head was at in terms of some of the commas in there. Good luck on your menage story.

I haven't read Kim Harrison yet either, Celia, but I looked at the opening to one of her books and thought it was just amazing--really unique, a great hook.

Hope the workshop ideas are going well. I won't be doing Nationals this year,and will really miss it.

Emma Petersen said...

OMG! That cover is exquisite! I have a serious case of cover envy! Congrats!