Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hello From Afar

This past week I actually did some writing. Being a single mom with two jobs my life tends to be a bit on the caotic side. A friend of mine from a tinny little far away land invited me for ten days away from my fast pased unfocused exsistance.

I arranged for my X to watch the kids and I packed one very large suitcase with clothes that I mostly did not wear, and my research books, then headed with passport in hand to the airport. I was nervous; single woman traveling for the first time to another country where I did not know the language. So, I drank two glasses of wine and downed a Dramamine and I was out cold on the 9 hour flight.

I arrived in an airport that had wooden floors, something I have never seen in any airport in the US. I headed towards the man sitting in the glass booth and handed him my passport thinking to myself will he understand me if I speak?
He said in english "where are you going?"

I said "here" and smiled.

He smiled back and stamped my passport for the very first time and said "Enjoy your stay."

I walked through the power sliding doors and into the baggage claim area thinking wow that was amazingly easy.

I then left the airport for a 4 1\2 hour drive to the west coast and a beautiful beach house. I had wine… ate dinner... and then lie awake that night exhausted but unable to sleep! I had always wondered why people complain about jet lag. Now I know. I still have not quite gotten on any ones schedule but that has been okay. My trip has been relaxing and basically time has truly stopped for one week. I woke when I woke… ate when hungry… went for walks on the beach when I was awake and it was light out. (this happened only three times during my stay) and I wrote.

Yes I did just say that… I wrote.

I had been struggling to find the time to do this and then when I did find the time I was so distracted by all the other things I should be doing like taking out the over flowing trash or finally washing the dishes that had been sitting in the sink for a few days that I didn’t have the creative energy to think of what my hero should do to my heroine once he had her naked and sitting before him.

I have had a wonderful time on this escape from reality and I was curious… Do any of you do this? Take a holiday to escape and write? To leave the everyday and be creative?

I am still on holiday… Tomorrow I will explore the city and the local erotic art museum, then I will return to the real world the next day. Until then...

Hugs and Kisses,

PS... No English spell check on this computer. I am sure I have misspelled a few words! Amazing how dependent I have become to that feature... LOL!


Shelli Stevens said...

Yay I know you're okay!! :) Looks like you're having fun! I can't wait to see you when you get back :) and good job on the writing. That's why I go to the cabin every now and then. Lack of internet can be such a blessing!!

Emma Petersen said...

OMG Lacy! I wish I was brave enough to go overseas by myself. Every year I say THIS IS THE YEAR! I'm gonna do it. I book the trip and the count down begins. As each day passes by I find yet another reason why I cant go. Le sigh. Glad you're having fun, hun! Be safe! Hugs! - Em

Lacy Danes said...

Hey Shelli,
Yep I am doing more than Okay!
Can't quite get used to this keyboard though keep typing strange characters. LOL Like this å and this æ.and where the hell is the @...

Just getting up now.... it is 2pm. I think I will have a tough time when I am back and the kids get me up at 6am.

Hugs and Kisses,

Lacy Danes said...

Hey Emma!
We should all plan a writers retreat to a country far away, rent a house on the beach¨¨ like the one I stayed in¨¨ and split the cost. It would be a blast and relaxing and productive.

I will show more photos on my blog when I get back home.

I miss you.

Jane Lockwood said...

I so envy you (despite the fact that you probably have hardly any daylight!). Looks like a gorgeous spot. I visited Denmark years ago when I was a teenager, and was quite thrilled to see the hard core porn on sale alongside the knitting magazines at the train station kiosks. Lovely people, too.

Pam Rosenthal said...

What a lovely post, Lacy. Have a wonderful time and think about those sad sexy stories -- "The Little Mermaid" (not the Disney version), "The Red Shoes," "The Snow Queen".

Kate Pearce said...

Glad to hear that you are having a great time and that you are feeling creative again! I always feel about 2000 pounds lighter without the kids!!

Eden Bradley said...

So good that you're writing! It sounds like this trip is just what you needed. But we miss you here at home-come back safe and sound with lots of stories to tell!

Celia May Hart said...

Lacy, sounds wonderful.

I've been thinking of doing something similar. I've been neglecting my book, but I'm sure this time it's the holiday push, rather than me avoiding the book.

I'm dreaming about the characters and that's always a good sign.