Friday, January 4, 2008

An O by any other name...

Well, Happy New Year to everyone!

Congrats to Celia for her RT Reviewers Choice nom! That's fantastic news, and I'll be at RT cheering you on!

I was in a restaurant over the holidays (eating, of course...oh, dear...eating, and eating and eating...)...anyway, there was an item on the menu (dessert, of course) that was described as orgasmic.

I sort of nodded. Yeah, it was chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Some (real) whipped cream. More chocolate. Mm-hm. Yes, I could see it being orgasmic.

Especially if one is suffering from PMS. (We all know how that works, don't we, Strumpets?)

Anyway, I was wondering what other treats could be considered "orgasmic"--ones that are of the food variety (and, yes, I know that food and sex are oft combined, but I'm talking about food-only. Treats.).

So, what's your favorite non-sex orgasm?

I'll take a good chocolate anyday...Godiva or Milka, with caramel. Or...oh, yes...the Great Wall of Chocolate from P.F.Chang's. Yu-ummmm.

And PS: here's the cover for my May release, Master: An Erotic Novel of the Count of Monte Cristo. Pretty, yes?

(Yes, I know there's a typo. They've fixed it; I just don't have the new version yet.)


Kate Pearce said...

That is a beautiful cover-typo or not!
Chocolate is definitely orgasmic and I must make a mention here of a British company called Hotel Chocolat who have finally opened up a US website-go check them out, their chocolate is the ultimate orgasm!

I also find creme brulee orgasmic for some reason :)

Sharon Page said...

That is a beautiful cover--a nice way to start the new year!

While I love chocolate, non-sex orgasmic experiences for me include:
nachos with monterey jack cheese and jalapeno relish.
Thai curry--red or green.
Boddington's beer, good wine, hey, basically anything...
A nice cup of tea when I really, really want one...
And finishing a book :-)

Jane said...

I love chocolate covered strawberries. The ones at Godiva are delicious.

Colette Gale said...

Ooh...I love creme brulee too. Warmed, just slightly. Mmmmm....

Thanks for sharing, ladies. Sounds like we're going to have an orgasmic 2008!

Celia May Hart said...

For me it's a late harvest boytritis reisling. Sweet, honeyed heaven.

Tim Tams are also known to be orgasmic.