Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cold blowy wintry day

Is anyone else sick of winter?

(Well, I know some of you don't have to deal with winter, but humor me.)

It's cold and blowy here today, but at least the sun is shining. It literally looks like diamonds on the snow--I know it's cliché, but it's a cliché for a reason. Right?

So tomorrow is Valentine's Day. As an erotic novelist, that holiday should be high up on my list of favorite days, right? *snort*

Yeah, it's there with my red-silken boudoir and candle-lit bath and cabinet filled with a variety of whips and other accoutrements.

No, seriously. The cabinet is there, but the other stuff....well, all right. You caught me. How about piles of laundry and rows of shoes in my boudoir?

So what's your favorite way to stay warm in the winter? Me? I take a hot bath every night. Then when I climb in bed with HEN (Husband of an Erotic Novelist), my feet aren't cold and neither are my hands. Or other areas.

What about you? And how will you celebrate Valentine's Day tomorrow? Chocolate and champagne? Whips and chains? Dinner for two with some good under-the-tablecloth foot (and/or finger) action?

Come on. Spill!


Kate Pearce said...

I'll go out to lunch with my lovely husband and our 5 yr old daughter and that will be a nice way to celebrate!

brownone said...

We actually agreed not to get each other anything!

Pam Rosenthal said...

buying him a birthday present (tho he doesn't know it. I hope), and writing a characteristically wonky Valentines Day post.

Celia May Hart said...

My hubby and I don't celebrate Val's Day.

I don't believe in it.

Sharon Page said...

A morning skiing with my hubby for me, and then lots of writing (revisions begin).

Love that acronym HEN!

Lacy Danes said...

Valentines day is a special day I think... I think this because so many of us forget to celebrate romance on a regular basis.

I prefer to celebrate daily with lots of hugs, kisses and touching. wink.

The ideal Vday for me… flowers, a good martini, and some play between the sexes. grin. But the only thing that is different about today for me is the wish for flowers. One single yellow one would be my preference. Everything else should happen with weekly or daily regularity. Though I don’t think any of them are a reality for me this Vday. Frown. I have a deadline and 150 pages still to go!


Jane Lockwood said...

He bought me a CD (early Martha Argerich playing Chopin) and made me open it so we could listen to it, but it's been three weeks and we're still waiting for a time when we're in the mood to listen, both awake, and on the same floor of the house.
I bought him two new pairs of sweat pants at Target because I was tired of seeing his butt hanging out of the old pair.
He's working tonight but I might play the CD anyway!