Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The True Hallmark of a Hero erotic Romance.
As I wrapped up my WIP (and sent it off to my editor a week early--nothing like an upcoming conference to make you speed up), I've been thinking about heroes.
A book needs a strong, compelling heroine who the reader can identify with. But is it mainly the hero that sells the book--first to an editor or agent and then to the reader. I think that is what makes crafting the alpha male so complex--how can a dominant man who may or may not express himself be sympathetic and appealing? (Check out Pam's post yesterday).
But I've discovered the one essential quality my hero must possess (and most do in erotic and sensual romances.) He must like oral sex. Giving, of course, as well as receiving.
Would readers accept a man as a hero if he refuses to pleasure his lady orally? Would they still desire him if he's "just not into that"? Personally, I can't see it. When I create my heroes they also tend to enjoy giving oral sex. My men aren't reluctantly doing it just because they know they have to pleasure the heroine, or are trying to prove (to heroine and reader) that they will be a dutiful, conscientious lover. I want my hero to find every inch of my heroine appealing, tempting, and desireable.
I don't believe I've read a romance (one that includes explicit scenes) where the hero does not perform oral sex on the heroine. Readers, have you found any? Have you noticed the lack if you have?
So here's to fireworks for our heroines, and Happy Independence Day!


Celia May Hart said...

*grin* In my WIP, I have the hero *want* to go down on the heroine, but isn't particularly skilled in that arena. It got me some more of that biting banter that I love to write, and the poor fellow is wounded that his skills as a lover have been questioned!

I think I've gone back to the "sex isn't perfect every single time" mind-set I had when I wrote my second (never sold) book, and the couple have sex and the heroine doesn't orgasm *gasp* on her first time!

I dunno, it's just more interesting as to how the characters handle something like it not working perfectly.

Pam Rosenthal said...

Funny but too true, Sharon, as I think back upon my own efforts -- and can't help but think of Uncle Junior in The Sopranos, as well.

As almost always happens when I look back upon my books, I find that I handled this most originally in Carrie's Story, when I managed to make it an act of aggression on Jonathan's part.

Lacy Danes said...

Eek! Okay I am going to be TMI here...

Being orally frigged has NEVER resulted in fireworks for me…

Now maybe I have just never been with a man that has done it right, but it has never been the big fireworks display that most people say they achieve from being licked. ( I do love to do the licking and sucking myself though...blush.) The sensation is wonderful; it is just that if I had a choice... I would pick another form of foreplay that does result in fireworks!

So having my heroine receive oral sex in my stories is not as important to me. Sure I have scenes where the hero goes down on my heroine giving her the fireworks mentioned in this post, but it is not necessary for me to get hot and enjoy writing or reading a story. Or to love the hero.

Hugs and Kisses,