Friday, August 10, 2007

Indulge me?

Well, the reviews are starting to come in...and pardon me if I'm a little bit tickled about the response to Unmasqued.

I knew I was playing with fire, messing with a classic novel and romanticizing--er, eroticizing, I mean--a well-known, beloved story. And, yeah, there are people who aren't going to care for the book...but check out this lovely review at Blogcritics.

And since I want to make it easier on you, you don't even have to click's just a little snippet:

"Unmasqued, a retelling of a classic, is an erotic classic in its own right. Charged with erotic images, sensual passion, fiery longing, and steamy scenes on and off the stage this is a book to be devoured in one seating. Then opened again and read slowly just for the pure pleasure of it."

(Thank you, Ms. McNeill! You've just made my day.)


Katie said...

I loved it! :)

Kate Pearce said...

Congrats Collette!

Jane Lockwood said...

Congrats, Colette!
Great review, and here's to many more...and many sales!

Sassy said...

I also thought it was wonderful. I read it front to back Saturday and then again Sunday. Steamy!

Rachel said...

Congrats! Bought the book Saturday, and absolutely love it! Sexy AND beautifully written. What more can a girl ask for?

Cassie said...

I mean to read it when I get the chance. I was flipping through the copies on the shelf at Borders, but the books appeared to be defective.

You have to expect harsh criticism when you write fanfiction though.

Anonymous said...

Just finished the book. Enjoyed it immensely and look forward to your next one!