Monday, August 13, 2007

Peaches, the sexiest fruit

I love peaches.

They're beautiful to look at, flushed and golden, the color of a sunrise.

You hold one in the palm of your hand, feel the weight, the solidity of the fruit, the delicate velvety fuzz. Your fingers may trace a flaw or crease, created as the fruit has swelled and ripened. If your peach is fresh from the tree or found at an outside market, it will hold the warmth of the sun and possibly a delicate green leaf.

You may get a hint of the scent, the perfume as you hold the fruit, even before you take that first glorious bite--sometimes you have to; you can't wait for a knife and plate and the pleasures of civilized dining. The skin slicks away like a wet, red rag and juice fills your mouth, maybe even spilling out to dribble down your chin as the fruit, firm enough to present a little resistance, breaks and yields.

Careful now; your teeth grate against the pit, the ridged secret center. The flesh may spring away, or you may have to tease those last pieces of fruit, work them free with tongue and teeth.
When you lift the pit away, the impression is etched onto the hollow, red and crinkled, rough against your lips and tongue; there's a slight bitterness at the center, soon forgotten as you devour the sweet gold of the peach, juice on your lips and face and fingers.

Yes, I love peaches.

What's your favorite sexy fruit?


Kate Pearce said...

If I said banana, would that seem a bit obvious? :)

Actually its a nice sweet green grape.

janegeorge said...


Difficult to undress, with a touch of bitter to the sweet. Those ruby-toned nuggets just can't be beat. :-)

Pam Rosenthal said...

I said this in another post, but even though what first comes to mind for me is the soft ones like mangos, in my writing it's always a crisp apple -- I think because of all the mythic connections. And because once you bite into it and break the skin, you can't hide it.

Celia May Hart said...

Blood red plums. It's all red and juicy and fleshy once you bite in. It's been a fantastic plum season.

BTW, I have a recipe for Peaches & Cream Ice if you want it.

Shelli Stevens said...

Wow, all of a sudden I really want a peach! :D