Monday, March 24, 2008

Where's the passion?

Since last I wrote here, I was struggling to find the ending to my current WIP proposal. I found it. And no, I’m not going to tell you what it is. You will have to wait and see (if it ever makes the light of day.)

I am in a hundred different places at the moment: the course I’m doing, the course I’m preparing to give (no, nothing nearly so sexy as Pam’s), the current WIP. Which strangely is not the same WIP as the one I’ve been writing about.

I was talking to my husband about both WIPs, one just a germ of an idea at the time, trying to figure out which way to go with it. And he said, more or less, you sound most passionate about #2, why not do that one? If WIP #1 isn’t appealing, why do it?

But that WIP has some kick-butt scenes in it, that’s why.

With a part-time job that feels like a full-time one, and study and limited time to write. I think he’s right on the money. Follow my passion. Follow my bliss. Make writing fun again. And I have been giggling over this idea -- which I did when I came up with ONE MORE TIME and we all know how that turned out. (That is, if you read it.)

So it’s an interesting thing--to turn from the obligation of writing and preparing a proposal for a difficult-to-write book, to the joy of writing something for fun. Figuring out real motivations hasn’t been quite so much fun, but I got there.

Enjoying my break in the middle of the day, and going off-campus to a deli and sitting outside and doing some brainstorming writing. And I have character names already. I never have character names this early.

Anyway, I suspect I’m rambling. So writers: are you still following your passion in your writing? Readers, can you tell the difference?


Kate Pearce said...

I always feel more passionate about the 'next' book than the onw I am currently writing. I think it's because actually writing it is hard work as opposed to just thinking about how fabulous it is going to be!
And definitely-write to your passions-I think it does show for all authors :)

Jane Lockwood said...

Kate, I too definitely suffer from the "grass is greener" on the next project syndrome, too. I love that feeling of anticipation while it's still in your head and before you start writing.

I'm struggling with a proposal at the moment--it's quite enjoyable while I'm actually in there with the characters, the results are mediocre (as far as I can tell) and I don't feel strongly about it. Oh, and no plot to speak of. I'm really wondering whether I should just can it.

Celia May Hart said...

Jane sounds like you're going through the same thing as me!

I think the test for me ended up being: do I want to spend another 6 months living and breathing this book?

I know I'll bitch about the new proposal at some point...

Anonymous said...

Set it aside, and come back to it. I've done that years later and found (sometimes) that it goes much better.

Anonymous said...

Set it aside, and come back to it. I've done that years later and found (sometimes) that it goes much better.