Monday, April 7, 2008

Breaking In (Futter In) Transportation

This week i bought a new car and of course that started me thinking of breaking in said car. LOL Isn't she pretty? British flags and all. wink.

I am currently writing two stories that involve scenes in carriages. One has not only sex in a carriage, the kind with two opposite seats, but a stole away. The other involves oral sex in a carriage.

Some of the carriages from the time could very easily accommodate moving futter and stole ways.

Others would be totally impractical. Though I have to admit a fondness for convertibles.

What I enjoy so much about writing transportation sex is the exhibitionism, the chance of being caught. Along with all the challenges of pulling off sex in a jostling, moving, coach. wink. One of my heroes becomes quite angry that he is denied his spend because a dog is in the road and the carriage comes to an abrupt halt. You certainly do need good balance and a lot of will to pull off moving futter.

Hope you are all doing well
I am working on two deadlines for novella's due May 1st. eek.
Hope you all enjoy the lovely spring weather.



Shelli Stevens said...

Love your car, it's so cute! And I love the antique pic of the carriage. I just get transported to that period and

Sex in a carriage. Good times. I'm sure. Not like I know.

Jane Lockwood said...

What a cute car. Since she has a gender I'm assuming she also has a name.
But what's a stole away?

Lacy Danes said...

Good Questions Jane!

I have been trying to think of a name for her. I think she needs one.

Any suggestions?


Kate Pearce said...

Love the car, my hubby is considering buying one of those :)
Sex in mini's is probably almost as difficult as sex in a carriage-not that I would know of course...

Pam Rosenthal said...

Well, I don't know about sex in carriages either, but that didn't stop me from writing a carriage-sex scene in The Slightest Provocation, wherein a good time is had by all, and also a few bruises from untimely jostling, as well as a rueful admission that one isn't as young as one used to be (which is becoming one of my trademark themes, alas).

I once saw an extraordinary sad romantic German period movie (early 19th century) that has an amazing sex-in-a-carriage scene). Alas, can't remember the name -- I'll try google when I have more time.

And there's also the grim sex-in-the-carriage episode in Madame Bovary.