Friday, April 25, 2008

Yo ho yo ho: Calling all bloggers.

What a blast to meet those of you that I saw at the Romantic Times convention last week. (I'm still recovering. You?)

In the midst of all the craziness, it's completely sneaked up on me that I have a new book coming out a week from Tuesday!

My latest "seduced classic" is an erotic twist on Dumas' brilliant revenge story The Count of Monte Cristo. My count is tortured, sexy, and hell-bent on revenge....whew! Makes for some hawt scenes.

I loved the original book--all 1247 pages of it--and other than giving the story a happy ending and lots of sex, I pretty much followed the original storyline (unlike the deviations in my Phantom of the Opera book, Unmasqued).

I'm looking for a few bloggers who'd like to receive a free copy. All I ask in return is for you to read and blog about the book before May 15. If you're interested, email me at colette at colettegale dot com and I'll get one shipped off to you posthaste.

For those curious-minded folk, you can find out more info (and read an excerpt) on my site at Here's the back cover blurb:

Edmond Dantés spent years imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit. Now free, he has returned to Paris in the guise of the powerful Count of Monte Cristo seeking vengeance on those who sent him to jail. But his plan also includes a different kind of revenge on the woman he has never forgotten, the lover he has made it his mission to possess.

Mércèdes Herrera was devastated when the man she loved disappeared. Trapped in a loveless marriage, her passions are reignited by Edmond's return. She alone sees through his disguise...but this harsh, angry man sends chills down her spine even as his very touch reminds her of the passion they once shared. She realizes soon enough that his plan to avenge himself on the men who incarcerated him also includes another sort of revenge...on her.

From the seaside town of Marseille, to the exotic caves of Monte Cristo Isle, unfolds an erotic battle of wills in the most electrifying game of love ever played between man and woman, between master and slave.


Jane Lockwood said...

Georgeous cover, Colette, and I hear this one is really dirty, right?

Interesting too that you're getting covers with women's bodies, not men's--have you ever asked the marketing department why? It must be some sort of deep, dark demographic thing. On second thoughts, don't ask them because they might load you up with mantitty.

Kate Pearce said...

It sounds wonderful-can't wait to read it-and the cover is beautiful too :)

Jane Lockwood said...

Ah, I must tell you that cover is a thing of beauty. The detail on the jewelry is exquisite. Yes, I have a copy and I've dipped into it a little. I keep thinking I should save it for when I travel next week, but I think I will have read it before then!

Lil said...

Have really been looking forward to this book and your take on the story. And it really is a beautiful cover.