Friday, July 11, 2008

Writing Again

About a month ago, I talked about how I’d gotten back into the writing groove and had written 30 pages on vacation!

Well, they were the last pages I wrote for a while.


I’ve turned over a new leaf (yet again) and this month I’ve finished and turned in a novella, and am working on finishing a really fun proposal. I’ve given myself until the end of next week to write 30 pages and thus complete a first draft of the proposal. Which meant 2.5 pages a day. A cakewalk for me when I was under contract and writing 5 to 6 pages a day in order to meet the deadline.

As of today (Friday), well, I’m 3.5 pages behind my goal. But that’s okay. I know what I want to write next and I’m rather looking forward to it. There was supposed to be writing time tonight, but the hubby got good news at work and so we went out to a swanky restaurant to celebrate.

Yep, that kind of real good news.

So the writing is going well again, and I’m having fun doing so.

By the way, my husband is going to London. And no, I’m not going. What should he bring back for me?

Besides Cadbury’s, and possibly tea.



Kate Pearce said...

Yay for the writing and for the good job news!
I wish I was going to London...
I usually get tea, Cadbury's and any other sweets and crisps!

Lil said...

My mind leans toward food and drink. There are some really wonderful teas, single malt scotch or if the airport duty free carries it...XO Calvados (a French apple flavored brandy that is not sweet...lovely), and my personal favorite Plain Chocolate Hobnobs (a sweet oatmeal and flour cookie with one side coated in dark chocolate).

Janet Mullany said...

I usually squander all of my money on chocolate at the airport but one time, when a connection was delayed, I ended up eating it all (out of boredom more than anything else!).

But if someone else was going and offering me a present...oh, definitely something Wedgwood or
Or a how about a Liberty of London silk scarf?

Sharon Page said...

I don't think you can beat chocolate. I remember Cadbury's misshapes, which were the "oopsies" from the factory. Taste the same, and cheap. But I don't know if those are still sold. I also remember a hilarious episode on Ozzie Osbourne's reality show where he visits a British store in Hollywood, and the entire store is aisle after aisle of chocolate.

Lil, Plain Chocolate Hobnobs sound wonderful!

My dad gets British newspapers and I saw in one that you can now get bangers and mash in a cone (an icecream cone). Not something to bring home, though...

Jane Lockwood said...

It's funny how British chocolate is revered altho technically it's inferior because of its low cocoa (?) content.

My idea of heaven is a Cadbury's flake stuck in a British ice cream cone (a soft vanilla ice cream which is probably also inferior).

Pam Rosenthal said...

excellent about the job news and the writing fun. I'd go for single malt scotch or Calvados, tho I do like the scarves, esp the florals.

Celia May Hart said...

Jane I don't think it's the cocoa content %age that makes British chocolate "less" than other chocolate (especially American), it's all the other crap that seems to be in American chocolate.

It just tastes plain nasty.

The exceptions seem to be Ghiradelli and a local place here called Chuao, that makes to-die-for Earl Grey chocolate.

Pam Rosenthal said...

I swear by Dagoba