Friday, June 6, 2008

I Had A Goal to Write

Y’all might remember in my last post that I was bemoaning that my ability to write had more or less gone out the window but that I was aiming to get back into the saddle.

You see, once I stopped having that deadline, I stopped writing. Until that point, I had been writing regularly every week day and had a page quota that I usually met and often exceeded.

Well, we won’t go into my excuses again, except to say I heard most of them at a writing panel as Wiscon on my trip. Let us see how I did.

The plan was to finish the way-out proposal. This didn’t get done.

Instead, in the notebook I’d taken with me to jot notes during Wiscon, I found some notes from RWA National a year ago, I guess, and I spent my time turning an unpubbed full-length manuscript into a novella, and coming up with companion ideas.

And so I wrote 30 pages of new stuff on my first week of vacation! Go me! And boy, they were hot, smokin’ pages of stuff too! Now I just need to fold the old stuff in, edit it so it’s smooth, write synopses for the three novellas and ta da! I’ve something to show for it.

But wait, there’s more. Since coming home, I spent my first day off, well, I wish I could say it was all spent writing but that isn’t true. I spent most of the morning dealing with a sick dog and taking him to the vet. But I got some time to write in the afternoon.

The bad news is I’ve been swiped with a nasty cold. But as I’m apparently with it enough to put mostly coherent sentences together, I could do some more writing tonight....or catch up on Doctor Who.

Sorry for the delay, for some reason the post-ahead option didn't take, so publishing now.


Lil said...

Sorry to hear that your dog ways unwell and that you may have caught a but congrats on the writing that you have accomplished since you last posted!

Celia May Hart said...

Thanks, Lil!

Pam Rosenthal said...

Good going, Celia. Sometimes you have to fool your muse into putting in a shy appearance. Mine is tricky in the extreme.

Kate Pearce said...

Sounds like an interesting few days! Glad you are writing again and I hope your dog gets better soon!

Jane Lockwood said...

Celia, I've found that "writing days" just don't work. My writing days are allegedly the weekends, and I'm usually doing anything but (like, uh, blogging), running errands and so on. I think the trick is to squeeze in short writing times with breaks, but if you really get into something, then keep going with it.
I wasted precious writing time today trying to get straight answers from guys in hardware stores who seemed only too happy to recommend I try plumber supply stores in very dubious areas of town. But when my husband asked them, in front of me, they led him straight to the $5 item.
Hope the dog is better!