Friday, March 30, 2007

Between the Reels

I know this is a blog generally about historically-set romantic erotica, so I won't blame you if your original thought about my subject line was: does she mean between square dance sets?

I'm actually referring to film reels here, because I was talking with a friend the other day about erotic scenes in movies...and how they're sometimes--actually, lots of times!--not the obvious let's-get-naked, show-it-all scenes. (With the obvious exception of Debbie Does Dallas, and flicks of that ilk.)

(Oh crap. I used the word flick. Now, Jane, put the whip away.)

Although I write explicit, leave-no-detail-to-the-imagination scenes in my erotic novels, some of my favorite events in movies (and books) are the ones with the between the lines (or, in this case, between the reels) implications.

Sometimes--many times--less is more.

Take that scene in Gone With the Wind--you know the one!--where Rhett sweeps Scarlett up into his arms, and that long, scarlet dress brushes the stairs as he carries her up there with strong, arrogant steps to show her just exactly what kind of a man he is. (Yes, that's me swooning over here!)

And then there are the more explicit scenes in PG-13 and R-rated films. Believe it or not, one of the scenes that sticks in my mind is the sex scene from Purple Rain! Of course, the last time I saw that was (ahem) many years ago when it was first released, so perhaps I was a bit naive about such things...but it does stick in my head as a very erotic scene. But help me! I can't think of any other ones that come to mind.

What about you? What's the one most understated, immensely erotic scene you remember from a film...and what's the one, in-your-face sexual portrayal from film?

Please jog my memory...I don't want to go down in the history of the Spiced Tea Party as having my favorite movie sex scene being Prince and Appollonia. How mortifying.


Selah March said...

The seduction scene from The Big Easy, hands down. Never fails to get my motor running. When Dennis Quaid's hand disappears up Ellen Barkin's skirt, and her eyes roll back in her head? Gah.

Anne: I haven't had much luck with sex.
Remy: Oh cher, your luck about to change.

Le swoon....

Anonymous said...

There's a scene in Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 6. Buffy is in a totally unhealthy (but VERY yummy) sexual relationship with Spike, a vampire. They're on a catwalk overlooking the dance floor of a club. They're both facing the dance floor and he's behind her. It's erotic, and while it's very clear what they're doing there's no skin, no "zomg it's SEX" type thing going on. That's one of the most erotic scenes I've every seen.

Eva Gale said...

The Piano with Holly Hunter and Harvey Keitel where he's lying under the piano and finding a hole in her stocking, sticks his finger in it so he can just touch her.

Or in Unfaithful with Diane Lane and Oliver Martinez in the hallway.

Lenora Bell said...

For the non-explicit I remember being quite titillated by the scene in Dangerous Liaisons when Valmont/John invades Cecile/Uma's bedroom.

For steamier, I'd have to go with Henry and June. Hmmm. Both of those movies have Uma Thurman in them. I just noticed that. She's a hottie.

And will it make you feel better, Colette, if I confess to feeling naughty when I think about Prince in Purple Rain? Especially the Darling Nicky song...

Colette Gale said...

I have to see The Big Easy...that's one I've never watched. Definitely putting it on my list.

And yes! Mina, I know the Buffy ep you speak of. Verrrry hawt. Thank you for reminding me.

Eva, I haven't seen either of those two movies. Maybe that's why I'm having such a hard time coming up with some other scenes!

Lenora, I loved Dangerous Liaisons! I thought John Malkovich was very erotic in that movie. I could see why the ladies fell for him.

And as for Prince, and his naughty songs...Darlin' Nikki is a good one, and I also think Let's Pretend We're Married is pretty naughty too. And then there's the whole Little Red Corvette thing....

Hmmm. Methinks I might have to dig up some of those old albums!

Kate Pearce said...

Okay-well of course there's 'the look' in the Colin Firth version of P&P when they are in the drawing room listening to music. I'm surprised the wallpaper didn't go up in flames.

And less erotic but still one of the best moments of yearning and desire and anguish is the scene in "It's a wonderful life" when Olivis D'H is on the phone and Jimmy Stewart is standing behind her just 'inhaling' her.

Deliberately erotic? Can't think of anything! I'll consider.

Tammy said...

Oh Selah - you hit my #1 too. And the other great line from that scene with his hand up her skirt.
Anne: Stop that.
Remy: Stop what? That? (pause, and we see his arm move ever so slightly) Or that?

Also liked the car scene in The Lover with Jane March. They're buck naked the rest of the movie, but the most erotic scene is when they just meet and are riding in the backseat of a car and their hands barely touch on the seat between them.

As for blatant erotocism - I love Kama Sutra (and no, it's not just the book in living color!). It's got a hot triangle with Naveen Andrews from Lost as the bad guy you love to hate. And the hero is HAAWWT!!!

Eva Gale said...

*making up a movie list*

And I was a Prince fanatic. Yep.

Jane George said...

Okay, there are two in my non-explicit category:

The scene in Witness where Harrison Ford catches a glimpse of Amish Kelly McGillis giving herself a sponge bath, and she knows he's watching.

And, the post New Year's Eve performance on the piano scene in The Fabulous Baker Boys, where Jeff Bridges comes up behind Michelle Pfeiffer and slides his hands inside her red dress. Well okay, maybe that skirts the explicit. (Oh gads, no pun intended...)

But one of the sexiest scenes I've ever watched should make you Purple Rain fans breathe easier. It's a scene in How to Get Ahead in Advertising. Richard E. Grant (super-hottie in my books) is completely manic, tearing apart his upscale kitchen while wearing nothing but an apron. It's not *supposed* to be sexy, but it slays me every time. Come on, there's nothing under that apron, he's smeared with foodstuffs, and he's obviously got a fantastic bod!

Feel better? ;-j

Jane George said...

Oops, there's very much *something* under the apron, just no clothing.

And he does have a fantastic bod, even if it is sprouting a second head.

Mina, my teenage son has discovered Buffy. I think he's up to season 4...

Elizabeth Parker said...

To me, the most erotic sex scene of all time is from an older movie, DON'T LOOK NOW, with Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie. Yowza! Get hold of it if you can. It's awesome.

The other one is from BODY HEAT, when William Hurt breaks a window to get to Kathleen Turner. He pulls down her panties and stares in awe:

"So pretty. . . "
"Do it, Ned!"

Pam Rosenthal said...

I'm with you, Elizabeth, about Don't Look Now. What an amazing sequence -- so hot and yet so abstract and elegant at the same time. In memory, at least, it quite stymies my ability to describe it -- I really should rent it again and see if I can find words for it. (I hope it's on DVD, though, because I didn't like the rest of the movie at all.)

Pam Rosenthal said...

While as for stealth romantic sex in the movies, I'm crazy about the tiny bit of Kill Bill 2 where David Carradine tells Uma Thurman, "You're a terrific person. You're my favorite person." And just about every hot, chaste moment between the middle-aged Pam Greer and Robert Forster in Jackie Brown. Quentin Tarentino as stealth eroticist, absolutely.