Friday, September 21, 2007

Historic Spanking

I was going through my copy edits for my next book Animal Lust… and I was editing a scene where my hero Spanks my heroine when I decided I needed to take a break… I checked the blog and I read Kate’s post and the title… A Spanking new cover.

Somehow this got me on google searching for old historical spanking images…

Here are the ones I found… I am sure there are probably more out there someplace… but spanking as an erotic exercise is far from new.

The images I found are mixed… some are men spanking, and some are women spanking..

I find these images fascinating. Look at the expressions on both parties faces… the body language radiating out of the images and to us.

I especially love the one with the woman standing in the back with her bottom exposed. What is she thinking as she stands there and peeks at the man spanking the other.

I think I could write an entire story around that drawing.

Then there is this image that I found...

Hugs and Kisses ,


Kate Pearce said...

Are they bunny ears and is that a feather duster she is tickling him with? I'm squinting at the screen trying to decide.

I love the way everyone is so happy in all those images, and also find it interesting that spanking as a sexual sport has obviously been around for quite a while!

Lacy Danes said...

bunny ears... I had not thought of that... I was thinking donkey?

And I thought that was a birch... but maybe it is a duster.

They are ALL smiling, aren’t they? Grin.


Celia May Hart said...

It's been around a long time if my research on pornographic writing is any indication. Most of the early 1800s books were revolved around spanking or birching....

Lacy Danes said...

Yes that is what I have found in my research too.

Have you read any stories from then?