Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A spanking new cover!

How cool is this? Totally hot and sexy and yet not a nipple in sight. I have to admit I spent about half an hour just staring at his mouth. I like me a man with a bit of stubble :)

This book comes out at the end of January 08 from Kensington Aphrodisia, and it is, despite the title, Regency erotic romance. It's very edgy on the erotic romance front but I don't mind being an envelope pusher!

Here's a quick blurb:

Valentin Sokorvsky decides to take a wife but he has no intention of sharing either his darkest sexual fantasies or his heart with her. He prefers to pretend that six years spent as a sex slave in a Turkish brothel have nothing to do with the successful business man he is or the devoted husband he intends to become.

Sara Harrison is more than willing to escape her comfortable but stifling existence and let Valentin tutor her in erotic pleasures. But when Valentin’s sordid past threatens both his business and their marriage, is she willing to embrace her husband’s carnal depths in order to reveal and accept the man he truly is?

I did mention it's not your average erotic romance, although it's not quite erotica either. Both the male characters, Valentin and his friend, Peter, who takes hero status in the next book, have very interesting sexual preferences formed by their experiences in an unsavory Turkish brothel. It was a pleasure to write about them and the women who eventually come to love them.

And just so you know-it's already available to pre-order at in case you're dying to get your hands on it!


Eva Gale said...

Sound fantastic!

And what an interesting way to explore a relationship where one may reject anothers sexuality. I've been thinking about that because of certain things in the press lately, and where a mate might turn if there needs weren't being met.

Off to pre-order!

Kate Pearce said...

Eva that's a really interesting question. I think that sex means a lot of different things to different people and that there are far more grey areas than most of us imagine.

Valentin is interesting because he thinks he can separate the married sex from the sex he really craves and eventually realizes that it isn't possible-luckily our heroine is a very understanding liberal minded kind of woman :)

Madelynne Ellis said...

Sounds like an interesting premise. Looking forward to reading it.

Eva Gale said...

OMG, Amazon says January! Ugh, I have to have patience? The Horror!

And I agree, grey is a lovely shade.

Jane Lockwood said...

Very nice, Kate. Love the highlighted hair on his arm.
Is your hero Russian?

Kate Pearce said...

Jane, well it's complicated...his mother was a Russian princess, his father is English, Sokorvsky is really part of her name and title and its the one Val chooses to use because he and his father are at outs-see? as clear as mud!

(you know you're not supposed to ask complicated questions after its too late to fix them, don't you?)

I love that bit of downy hair on his arm as well-I want to lick it...

Celia May Hart said...

Gorgeous cover! That almost kiss is so hot!!! And you're right no nipple, but there's definitely some man-boob/cleavage happening.


Pam Rosenthal said...

January's a long time to wait to embrace those carnal depths. Congratulations, Kate!

Caffey said...

Oh yes, its beautiful! And too a regency!!! (Yeah, the cover is not regency, but thats ok, cuz its still a great cover). Can't wait. Feels like its forever...Don't mind my emails asking... Is it January yet? :)

Sharon Page said...

It sounds amazing, Kate. I love the idea of a hero having two sexual identities and trying to keep them separate. It sounds like it will be a terrific story, and I can't wait to read it!

And where else but erotic romance could you explore a story like this :-)

Anonymous said...

(fanning self)

I'm heated and a little breathless just reading the blurb!