Friday, November 30, 2007

Biting My Fingernails

Tomorrow my very first BDSM erotic short story will be available from Harlequin under their Spice Briefs line.
It is called The Invitation. I am nervous about this short story(it is only 22 pages in length) because it is a first on so many levels for me. One it is written in first person. eek! and Two it is more extreme than anything I have written before.

Here is the blurb...

The Invitation.

Her lover’s gift--a unique erotic toy--was accompanied by an invitation: Wear this gift and meet me on the trail at dusk. Following his direction, she wore no bra or panties under her hiking outfit. As they entered the woods, the anticipation was more than she could bear. Soon their game would begin--dominant man in control of his spirited woman--and she would glory in the intoxicating thrill of submission.
Oh and what the heck... here is an Excerpt.


Your lips quirk up as I reach your side. “Greet me

My lips curl up in to a smile. “Yes, Master.” I drop to
my knees, my eyes filled with adoration never leaving yours,
then smooth my hands up your thighs. My fingers trail your
zipper and slide the fly down. You stand absolutely still,
hands clasped behind your back. I want to shake you to make you
moan. To lose the control you always hold in check, but I will
never cross that line.

My mouth waters, wanting to take you into my sweet depths,
to swallow you up, and make you hard. I slide your cock from
the confines of your pants and press the plum shaped tip to the
soft glossed lips of my mouth. My tongue slides out and circles
the head of your semi-firm cock. The smell of your sex shoots
straight to my wet labia making my cunt gape with need. Saliva
pools under my tongue and as I slide your prick into my mouth,
the slickness slips down your cock coating you with my moisture.

You taste delicious. The salty spice of your skin tingles
my taste bubs and I flick my tongue against the smooth ridge of your dick head.
The skin is loose but quickly fills, tightening over your wide penis.

I nestle your dick head in my mouth then pull back out to
the tip. Sliding back down your length, your crown gently
touches the back of my tongue. I hesitate afraid I may gag on
your thickness and pull back up to the tip. Swirling and gently
nibbling on the rim with my teeth, you moan. The sound of your
pleasure emboldens me, I want so desperately to hear more and
more of that sweet delicious sound as you capture your pleasure
and in turn I receive mine. Licking my lips I move back to suck
the large tip back deeper into my throat. To create the
sensation I know you so love.

You grasp my chin. “No. Stand.”


The sweaty firm grip of your fingers on my jawbone washes
through me and I tremble. Even the lightest touch from you on
my skin makes me shake but when you firmly grasp me, my vision
hazes and I begin to float in the euphoric bliss that goes back
ages in time. Dominant man in control of his spirited woman.
I stand without hesitation, my eyes clouded with nothing but the
vision of pleasing you. Of giving you all my power to do with as
you wish.

You smile at me, devotion and excitement swirling in the
depths of your eyes.

God you make my knees weak.

You lead me, your fingers entwined with mine, into the
woods, away from the lake and the pretty view that we enjoyed on
our first encounter. Deep into the trees we walk neither one
of us saying a word. I wonder what you have planed but know I
will enjoy it no matter what it is.

We reach a set of trees that are equal in size and spread
about five feet apart. There is a large grouping of boulders off
to the one side which you have placed your backpack, and a

“Give me your backpack.” You hold out your hand to me.

I slide the pack from my shoulders and hand over the bag
which contains the water and warm blanket you requested.
You grasp them in one hand and with the other you grab my
hair. Tingles shoot through my scalp and you pull my lips to
yours. The warmth of your mouth devours mine, the taste of Red
Bull on your tongue as it plunges in tangling slowly, warms me
to my toes. The flavor I will forever associate with you.

My nipples pebble hard and I groan wanting to touch you to
feel your skin beneath my hands, but I stand absolutely still as
I have been trained by you to do.

You slip my jacket from my shoulders and off of me. I
shiver but more from excitement then the cold. I only want to
please you, to excite you, and bring you pleasure.

You walk me to the trees. There your fingers wrap my palm,
and you raise my arm, placing a fur lined cuff about my wrist.
The cuff is attached to the tree by rope. You do the same with
my other hand, smiling a very devious smile, then go back to
your plan. God I love that smile. It is the smile that
inhabits my every dream, my every memory of us. I tug on my
arms to see if I have any room for escape. the cuffs dig into
the base of my hand but don’t slip over.

“No escape.”

“Yes Master. You know me, I had to check.” I grin at you.

You laugh as a blindfold emerges form your pocket and you
slide it over my head. The soft fur under lining slides down
forehead and the last thing I see is your lips grinning at me.
Oh dear... what do you have planned?

Eek! well there you go.
Grinning as my cheeks and other places grow warm.

What does he have planned?

To find out you can purchace The Invitaion from the eharlequin site by clicking here The Invitation

Hugs and Kisses,


Kate Pearce said...

oooh-lovely! and a great cover too.
What a great way to start Friday1
I'm sure this will do very well for you

Lacy Danes said...

Thank you Kate!

I sure hope so.

It is always a bit nerve wracking when you try to write something new, but I do really like the story.


Pam Rosenthal said...

very hot and very cool and I love the cover. congrats!

Lacy Danes said...

Thanks Pam.

I love, love, love the cover!


Eden Bradley said...

Congrats on your book release, Lacy! Gorgeous cover and hot excerpt!

Lacy Danes said...

Thank you Eden.
Miss you.