Monday, November 26, 2007

Not so happy Thanksgiving...

Last week I was supposed to be enjoying a 4 day break away from the kids in Sedona, AZ with my lovely husband. Of course, it didn't quite work out like that...Let me take you back to Saturday night when son #3 is puking into his trash can and wishing he was dead while I stay away at the door sending him comforting motherly thoughts and words without touching him.

But I knew I'd be sick-there's a certain karma to it, isn't there? Everyone bar, Granny, who had the sense to get a flu shot, has been sick over the holiday week. Not nice, not happy but quiet and surprisingly light on food bills for a change.

I lost 4 pounds in Sedona, but not in a good way at their world-reknowned spa, but in a far less elegant manner. It was a beautiful hotel, but I saw way too much of the inside of my room and not enough of the wonders around me.

Hopefully all will be well now school has started up again-it usually is. Mr Kate and I have made a vow never to book a vacation at Thanksgiving again :)

The picture is of one of the 6 pools at the Enchantment Resort where we stayed. it really did look that beautiful-although I can't say I had the urge to swim much!


Sharon Page said...

My sympathies! Honestly, I just don't even do vacations anymore. For a while, when I worked full time I couldn't take the stress of the possibility of having to cancel my vacation at the last minute (or at least having to pull off miracles to get out the door). With the kids, I hated the stress of worrying they'd be sick. It just seemed more relaxing to stay at home :-)
Sigh. While I get the flu shot, my preventative medicine for the flu is sherry and hot peppers. I think nothing can survive that combination.

Hope you get another chance to take some time off and that things go much better!

And the resort looked beautiful.

Lacy Danes said...

Wow Kate.
That really sucks.

I hate, hate, hate the stomach flu. I actually have a phobia of vomit and vomiting.

Though with kids you simply can not avoid it... I have been lucky enough (knock on cyber wood) that since my divorce my kids have not had any nasty vomiting bugs. I keep wondering what I will do the first time that happens and I am by myself. I know I will freak out as I always do and that is just not what my kids need when they are hunched over puking and crying.

As far as vacations go... Mine are so young and I just can't imagine taking them on a trip all by myself so I either go on trips when they are with their dad or I stay home with them.


Celia May Hart said...

Kate -- so sorry to hear your break did not go well!

That resort looks beautiful though :)

Kate Pearce said...

Thanks, crumpets!
I'm slowly on the mend-everyone has now been through the plague and we're all trying to look forward to better things to come!

Although my laptop imploded today...shriek!!!!