Monday, November 12, 2007

Life and the Persuit of Happiness

I sit here today trying to think of something to write to you all... I have had a lot going on in my life of late. Being a single mom, working a full time day job that requires long hours and conversations to India in the evening, writing and having a social life(the little I get).

I had thought I would write something about research and historical sex here today, but I am too mentally tired to think of something, so you will get some questions about writing and life and families.

I am wondering how all of you do it? Balance life and writing and not get overwhelmed?

For me I can't write when I am emotionally taxed with other issues and this past year was filled with ups and downs. I miss writing daily. I always find joy in creating something that I look back on and go "wow I wrote that."

Sometimes I think it would have been easier to live in the time period that we write in. Sure there were hardships and illnesses, and I would not have been permitted to divorce, but on so many levels things were easier. Or at least they appear to have been to me. I think that is because your role was defined. woman, man, class.

In todays world especially here in America it feels like there is constant pressure to rise to the next level, to not be what you are woman, man, class. To have the best car, the best house, the best job, to do things that the opposite gender would do just because it shows you are different, better.

People seem less concentrated on the things that are important. Like relationships with people they care about. People also seem less content... Maybe I am naive about this... maybe that is part of being human. I don't know. Thoughts?

Humm I guess that is it...

Off to write.

Hugs and Kisses,


Kate Pearce said...

It's a difficult question. I've had a bit of a year, too, for various reasons. the struggle to find time to write, let alone for myself has been exacerbated by teenagers, my dh's job's and family illness.

But for me, the writing sometimes feels like the only thing I can control, so I still try my hardest to get it done, even when it's hard.

Here's hoping next year is better all round, Lacey :)

Anonymous said...

Take one step to the side, and let the rat race start passing you by.

God, you just defined the last five years of my life-but there came a breaking point, and I had to define MY priorities, and they were not 'keeping up'. (matter of fact, I just got out of the Daisy scout meeing and it's a lovely weekly reminder of WHY I unplugged. *wine please*)

The hard part is not letting anyone else foist their priorities onto you again. It was probably much easier for me than for you becuase I have so many children I was FORCED into this lesson, and I had a husband to support me when I felt like jumping into the middle of it all again. (becuase they all made me feel GUILTY)

And BAH on the opposite gender keeping up crapola. We are ALL different people, and we are ALL equally excellent in our differences. Why must we all excell? Why can't we compliment eachother with our individual strengths?

Through the prioritizing (and it's a slow organic process-at least it was to me) and becoming grateful for what I was learning --does it make sense to say that once I had the time to THINK I was able to take the time to be grateful?--then I became content.

And I can't write when my life in in turmoil either. It's like having a high pitched screech in the back of your head that blocks any sort of creativity.

Peter Dunne in Emotioinal Structure says , "The time you spend writing must not be thought of as time spent not doing something else." That was a wow moment for me when I read that because there is ALWAYS something that I 'should' be doing. I'm sure you feel the same way.

Hang in there.


Pam Rosenthal said...

Lacy and Kate -- you both are so fabulously productive, you should be congratulating yourselves. But since you're not, please allow me to -- and to admire.

I didn't write seriously until my kid was in high school, so from where I sit you're way ahead of the game.

Lillian Feisty said...

You're doing great, Lacy! I'm very proud of all you've accomplished these past couple of years. Keep it up.