Monday, June 16, 2008

Character Development in Erotic Romance

The sun is out for the first time in a month and I am thinking… Man I would love to be home cleaning my house and sitting on the porch, reading a good book instead of in my office at work, trying to look as if I am not staring out the window at the sun shine.

I know that many of us have day jobs and write and have families. But how do you fit reading into all of that?

I seem to only have time to read when one of those three important things above is not present… like now… I am not writing, so I am reading.

I have been drawn to people books of late… books about why people are the way they are. Such as Mating in Captivity… mentioned in my last post. I have really been enjoying this book. I have just gotten to the section about the different needs of intimacy vs desire… intimacy needs closeness… Desire needs separateness… and how that all works. I am a slow reader. Smiles.

I also have been reading other people books like The Loving Dominant and Finding Meaning In The Second Half Of Life.

I seem to go in spurts with my reading. Reading history books like crazy… then switching to fiction… then to people books…. Etc.

I am finding all sorts of inspiration not only for my own life in reading theses books but in developing deeper characters.

I always find myself asking my characters... what was their first sexual experience?
from there I ask all those questions... do they like oral? do they have kinks? if they do have kinks, where did those kinks stem from? They say... your early sexual experiences shape your desires for life... so pretty important to know for ones characters.

Then to go deeper... do my characters have relationship patterns? Do they have choice patterns? Are they following society rules? or following their souls?

So for you other authors: I am wondering how do you go about developing characters that have real life issues, sexualities, and lives? Do you base them on someone you know? A mixture of people? On people in history? Or do you read People books?

For Readers and Authors: If you read people books do they ever affect you? Do you find things in them to relate to or want to try?

I myself dove into the world of sensuality and erotica because of something i read that moved me and made me look a small piece of myself that I had buried... that was my sensual, sexual being. I read and I looked deep, and I have yet to turn back.



Kate Pearce said...

For me it's a slow evolution. I basically know somethings about my characters when I start writing, but other things, especially their deepest sexual fears and desires become apparent as I write and as I present each character with a particular situation. I love that sense of emerging complexity- of the character's fears finally making sense to me and to the h/h.

Kate Pearce said...
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Pam Rosenthal said...

I'm playing around with retelling a story by A Famous Lady Author -- from the p.o.v. of secondary characters and very much eroticized. So it's a matter of filling in the blanks about characters I've always wanted to know more about, and thinking of what the erotic correlative (if you will) of anger, resentment, solidarity, humor, disappointment, envy, or triumph is -- how these people find what they need (or what I've always thought they need) in each other.

But I don't suppose I'll ever have as much fun as I did creating my eponymous Carrie (from Carrie's Story) who is nothing but bravery, curiosity, and active, ironic intelligence. For me, Carrie simply is the erotic reading self speaking out loud, and I'm sad that I'll never have another first time imagining what this means to me.

Pam Rosenthal said...

Oh and just adding, Lacy, that this is a great topic -- I can tell because my day and head are inhabited by a great little alive-and-thinking buzz due to you.