Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Lovin'

Margaritas are, hands down, the best summer drink. (And enough of them can lead to what I call 'summer lovin', hence the title.)

They're cool, they're pretty, they're sexy, and they can be sweet or sour.

And I'm here to tell you how to make super simple designer margaritas.

Ready? Okay.

All you need is sugar, ice, tequila...and Kool-Aid. That's right--Kool-Aid's not just for kids anymore. No sirreee.

Pick out your favorite, most intriguing Kool-Aid flavor. Ice-Blue Raspberry Lemonade, anyone? Swirling Strawberry Starfruit? Soarin' Strawberry Lemonade? You get the idea.

Make the packet of Kool-Aid (I usually don't add as much sugar as the packet calls for) as directed, and then simply use that as your margarita mixer. Add tequila and ice to taste...and voila!

Designer margaritas.

Let me know how it goes and how much of the pitcher you drink yourself, okay?

PS You can also do the same for martinis by simply adding vodka (flavored vodka works too!) instead of tequila.


Kristin said...

Hey...sounds great to me - I love margaritas and martinis - what a fun and easy way to mix(I've even got a whole bunch of kool-aid in the cupboard)! I will suggest Patron Silver Tequila though(a little smoother and sweeter that others out there)! I'll give it a shot on Friday night as my "chillin", reading drink! :)

Kristin :)

Pam Rosenthal said...

I love this post, Colette -- like a suburban version of the Sex and the City girls sipping Cosmos.

While on my other group blog today, The History Hoydens, it's all veddy posh, with elegant Regency ices and ice cream.

Hitting the same summer notes, tho, up and down the taste scale.

Kate Pearce said...

I've never had kool aid-I'll have to try it :)