Friday, February 23, 2007

Writing processes…

Sorry for such a late post today. I got distracted at my day job.

Writing processes are different for every person I know. For me, I have certain books that I read just before I sit down to write, as well a some web sites, and an entire different set of books for when/if I get stuck.

I almost always pick up either The Pearl or The Romance of Lust when I start a new story. The characters and usually a scene is what invades my thoughts first. As I’m drifting off to sleep in that half dream state, they come to me. From there I research, deciding on certain sexual elements that fit my characters. I am truly a panster, but certain things I need to know before I start… Like the fact a character of mine has a kink or that they have a certain fear or quirk.

To come up with certain sexual elements I refer to a great number of sexual position/instruction books, erotic art books of the times, and (here comes the blushing moment) I watch porn.

Yea I did just say that.

There are some really great DVD’s out there for women and being a very visual, sensual person, porn works for me. (but I must caution against any of the cheesy so called historical set ones) :-) If you know of a good one let me know!

Two my favorite research books for sexual inspiration are:
The Guide To Getting It On. This book is amazing! If you have not read it you should! It is filled with excellent information. They interviewed both men and woman asking them all sorts of questions about sex… questions like what it feels like to orgasm and the like. Being a woman, having a guy explain what sex feels like is fantastic for when I am writing in the male POV.

My all time favorite erotic art book isRomantique (This is a book filled with 200 or so Early 19th century lithographs and prints from Hans-Jurgen Dopp's collection. Who if you do a search on google or amazon you will see is well KNOWN in erotica) the images are beautiful… and I have to say… candle sticks were really popular sex toys back then.

Hugs and Kisses,


Pam Rosenthal said...

Good for you, Lacy, for admitting your erotic authorial eyes have caught sight of (gasp, shudder) porn. I used a video put out by the smart, articulate, and gorgeous porn star Nina Hartley when I researched my novella "A House East of Regent Street." After all, my heroine is supposed to be a longtime prostitute, and I figured that she just might know something that a longtime married lady like myself might have overlooked. I don't remember the name of the video (it's instructional, but it ends with Hartley and her demo helpers having a big party). But I rented it from our wonderful San Francisco store Good Vibrations -- we'll have to make a strumpet pilgrimage when the Romance Writers of America National Conference comes here in 2008.

Lenora Bell said...

Hi Lacy, I know I mentioned this in another comment, but have you seen the Mitchell Brothers historical porn flick, The Autobiography of a Flea? It's the best one I've found. And here's an embarrassing admission--I own it.

I used to rent from Good Vibes when I lived in SF, Pam. I love that store. Can we please, please have matching crumpet strumpet t-shirts for our Lovejoy's teaparty and Good Vibes pilgrimage?

And Lacy, thanks for the book tips--they look like must buys. I visited the Museum of Sex Culture in Tongli, China a few days ago, and was enlightened about the use of sex toys in Ancient China. Let's just say they preferred ivory to candlesticks.

If you want a good giggle, there's a picture of a hilarious poster from the sex museum on my blog--definitely worth a look...

Jane Lockwood said...

What a great topic. Basically all I do is sit down at the computer and put on some vocal music (opera or choral). Now I'm feeling weird.

Kate Pearce said...

Well. I'm even worse...I just eat jelly bellys in a specific color oder and I'm off..(writing that is)

Kate Pearce said...

sigh-spell it right, girl-order not oder!

Celia May Hart said...

Hoorah, Lacy, watch us all come out of the closet.

I watch porn too, and I'm struggling through watching a civil war flick. Seriously, the dialogue is so bad I wish they'd just shut up and do it.

However, there is a Pirates one out there that is absolutely hilarious. I mean the dialogue is both sophomoric and witty. Witty! And the eyerolls at the camera. Love it! I shall have to go look up the titles. Goodie. I have something to write about on Wednesday now. *grin*

Lacy Danes said...

A pilgrimage to Good Vibes sounds fantastic! Nina Hartley is doing a signing here in Seattle next weekend at Babeland. I just may stop by and check her... I mean the signing out.

Lenora Bell,
lol I will have to find the Autobiography of the Flea, I am reading the book at the moment, so it will be interesting to see how someone turned it in to a film! I checked out your Blog the image was very interesting. I’m sure the trip to the museum itself was quite fascinating. I am a bit jealous. :-)

Jane and Kate,
It is fun how different we all are with our rituals for getting in the grove. Your rituals are no stranger than mine!

Pirates and Civil war! Please forward the names of them. I recently ordered a few from Sugar DVD. In one, the acts were wonderful, but the actresses’ were very vocally nasty while the men didn’t say a word. Now I like to be talked to roughly, but when a woman does it, it is a turn off for me.

Hugs and Kisses,

Shelli Stevens said...

I can totally verify she watches porn. I'm trying to write here, and she's encouraging us to watch a video so we can write hotter scenes in our stories tonight. LOL.

I have to say I haven't watched anything in years. Let's see... how do I get in the mindset then? I guess I just have a kinky brain.

LOL. Honestly, I'm usually writing a sex scene with CNN on in the background.

Pam Rosenthal said...

A fascinating book on this topic, now out of print unfortunately, is Sallie Tisdale's Talk Dirty to Me. Tisdale decided she'd learn a lot about herself if she used pornography, and she has a lot of smart, interesting things to say about sexuality and sexual expression. Plus she spent a lot of time at Good Vibrations, and quotes the women who worked there.