Thursday, June 7, 2007

My Phantom of the Opera v. Webber's

Some of the questions commenters asked a few weeks ago about Unmasqued got me to thinking about of my favorite scenes in the Webber musical/film.

My all-time favorite song is The Point of No Return, particularly because of the way it was done in the movie version with Gerard Butler as the hottest Phantom ever, practically making love to his Christine there onstage in front of everyone--including her beau. *fans self*

Alas, however, when I was writing my version of the story, and I actually read the original novel by Leroux, I learned that that onstage-switcheroo (in which the Phantom secretly takes the place of the actor playing opposite Christine in a romantic scene) never happened in the book.

And since I didn't want to annoy Mr. Webber (and his lawyers), I decided I didn't want to recreate that scene in my book, and instead stayed with what happened in the original: the Phantom appears, and he does kidnap Christine from the stage, but not as a fellow actor.

Anyway, my point is that for those of you who really loved The Point of No Return scene from the Webber movie...well, you won't get that in my book. But what happens with the harp more than makes up for it....right, Pam?


Celia May Hart said...

The harp?

I do have to say that "Past the Point of No Return" is the sexiest song EVAR! It's my favorite from POTO, even though the little "Twisted Every Way" ditty frequently leaps into my head.

Usually when I have too many deadlines....

Colette Gale said...

Mmmmmhmmmm. The harp.

Personally, I like the mirror scene better...but several others have commented on the harp scene. :-)

Celia May Hart said...

Ooh, mirror scenes sound like fun too.