Wednesday, June 6, 2007

One More Time

So my cover arrived yesterday for ONE MORE TIME, my December Aphrodisia, release and I took one look at it and giggled. You may too.


(yes, I need to Photoshop out the hole punched through it)

Yes, indeedy. And you probably can’t see it in this size picture, but he’s got goose bumps around his nipple.

But anyway, I am very happy and excited about it because a) it’s once again a beautiful cover; b) every person I’ve shown it to has been riveted; and c) mantitty sells, apparently.

We’ve talked about mantitty before (Pam here in “Covers and Consternation Controversy” and Jane here in “The Case Against Mantitty”), so I guess it’s now my turn to do so!

Mantitty should leave me cold. I mean, I prefer the studious, slender guy. Or the guy who isn’t so tall. Or the guy that when I say I think he’s hot, people look at me and go “huh?” (And usually, "who?")

Brad Pitt’s mantitties don’t do it for me, for instance.

But seeing a cover with mantitty. Well, I have to be honest. Before the giggle from remembering the word “mantitty”, there is this sucking intake of breath and a perking of interest.

The words “Mmmm. Mantitty,” may never cross my mind, but there is something primal and visceral about the response. Never mind that Anthony Stewart Head makes me weak at the knees, or that Spike did way more for me than Angel ever did. Seeing the slender Edward Fox taking his shirt off to repaint a stolen care in The Day of the Jackal, or at left in a not terribly good screencap at the end of the bath scene in Shaka Zulu (which is even in the Regency period, oh heavens!) was ditto, ditto, oh ditto.

(OK, so some of you are going, Edward who? Am I the only Edward Fox fan out there?)

And yet, seeing James Craig, the new James Bond, topless in Casino Royale had me drooling.

Eventually, that response gets dissolved by the giggling when “mantitty” comes through, but heck, I’ll still pick up the book and read what’s on the back cover because of it!

Actually, what I really like about my mantitty cover, is that it fits the story. You see, I have this Greek god statue come to life -- and you have to admit -- those statues depicted ideals!

Bacchus never bothered with a towel, though.

(The image to the right was an inspirational image while I was writing ONE MORE TIME. It's from a museum in Germany, from memory.)

PS. Spellcheck wants to replace “Mantitties” with “Mantises”. Discuss. *grin*


Colette Gale said...

Verrrry nice cover, Celia!! Yum.

I used the term mantitty once to describe the cover of another book, and my husband heard me, so later on, he said something about "that cover with the man-boob on it" and I laughed so hard.

It just doesn't work as man-boob, does it?

Kalen Hughes said...

Man-boob makes me think that he needs a manzier (yeah, it's a Seinfeld refrence).

I too like 'em more on the thin side, but I could watch the parade of man-titty in 300 for days and days. LOL!

Elizabeth Parker said...

Hehe.... I love Edward Fox! Everytime The Jackal plays on TV, I watch it just for the pleasure of watching Edward Fox.

Cory said...

James Craig did it for me too!!! I'm the same way about usually going to the guy that everyone doesn't.

Kate Pearce said...

I think the cover is beautiful-its kind of subtle and artistic rather than in your face. I think their covers are always very nice!
book sounds fascinating too!

Sam said...

I think cover is pretty subtle as far as mantitty generally goes. I am normally not a fan of the man titty, but I quite enjoyed the men of 300 and Daniel Craig :) in James Bond. When watching 300, in the end when the narrator says "His helmet was stifling (and leonidas drops it), his sheild was heavy (and leonidas drops it)" I said, a little louder than I should have "His speedo was constricting". Hey it was worth a try right? Everyone around us cracked up.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely cover. I'm so glad other people like saying mantitties.

Congrats Celia!

stephanieb said...

I know what you mean...I really loved Angel but something about Spike just got me going!!YUMMY!!

Celia May Hart said...

Elizabeth! Yay! Someone else who knows of Edward Fox!

Sam too too hilarous about your comment during "300"! I have yet to see that, despite one of my favorite actors being in it.

Robin L. Rotham said...

That's an excellent cover, Celia! And I can personally attest to the fact that man-titty sells. My book Alien Overnight was recently reviewed by a paranormal review site and the reviewer said she hadn't thought the book would hold her interest -- she'd just bought it for the hawt cover. Fortunately, it did hold her interest, but if it weren't for the cover, she wouldn't have picked it up at all. I will be begging for man-titty on ALL my covers from here on out. :D