Thursday, May 3, 2007

Costumes and dress up!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to dress up. On a normal day I always dress so that I feel good about how I look. My mom taught me that if you are tired, or feeling blue… dress in a bright color and you will feel better. Amazingly this concept works for me.

My normal dress for work… some sort of knee length or long skirt and shirt, stockings, and a high sexy heal. I wear quite a bit of red. Other favorites are black and brown.

I have always loved looking good. Putting on a sexy dress and heals some how transforms me from my sweats and socks writer with geeky glasses, to the sex writer I am. lol

For me dressing up to go out on a date or out with friends is a ritual. I put on some music… I start to dance a bit to the tune, then I step in to my closet/bathroom and the magic begins… Makeup, dresses, hair, jewelry, shoes etc etc. (I LOVE SHOES) Just bought these two pairs. Grin.
I also love wearing corsets, I know some think they are soooo uncomfortable but I truly love them. I have one that I had custom made for me with real bone in it. I can get myself into it, but it is really hard. Pulling the strings in the back and getting them right takes two hands!

Every time I put a corset on I think of my heroines and how they dressed and how the heroes get them out of these things with just a quick pop pop pop. LoL Not possible. What I love is idea of all the ritual that went on to get into the proper dress for our period. The shift, petticoat, stockings and stays, followed by the flowing dress, coat and hat! I LOVE IT!

I was supposed to go to RT this year… I bought all the costumes. I was anxiously looking forward to wearing my corset and skirts, my top hat and wings, but alas I have a deadline and many pages still to write. I didn’t go.

So last night I decided I would dress up just for fun and take some pictures of me in my get ups.

I know it is not quite the same… but I did have fun!

Do you like to dress up? and if so when you are feeling playful what do you wear?

Hugs and Kisses,


Jane Lockwood said...
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Jane Lockwood said...

You look terrific, Lacy, and I love the shoes. I love to dress up, not that I do it that often. (Sorry about that first deleted post, I couldn't get the link to work.)

At the Risky Regencies a few weeks ago I reported how my alter ego got to dress up in a Regency gown. It was great fun! I knew the fashion would make me look short and fat--the women who look really good in Regency gowns are slender or tall and statuesque, and I'm neither--so I chose a luscious fabric, a blue-gray silk taffeta with a delicious rustle.

The gown is dated to approx 1810-1815 and I wear a Regency bra beneath it (i.e. a somewhat too small bra that hoists me up). With great historical correctness, the gown fastens at the back with two tape ties. If I slouch, the Regency bra is revealed in all its glory. In this sort of gown you have to stand up really straight, with your chest stuck out and shoulder blades pulled together. I'm told stays are much more comfortable.

In either case, it's impossible to get dressed or undressed without help.

Kate said...

I love to dress up too1 always have, always will. I'm hoping to get a Regency gown made for myself fairly soon-I've always wanted one!

BTW-you look fab in those pictures!

Dapoppins said...
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Anonymous said...

I adore dressing up in general and corsets in specific! Corsets just feel right. :)

Shelli Stevens said...

Date? What is this date thing you speak of? I love the top hat one! So cute. You look fabulous! Dressing up to me is like.. jeans and a shirt that makes my boobs look good.

Unless I'm at a conference. Then I've gotta pull out the credit card and buy some clothes in whatever size I am. :)

shelley said...

I love dressing up and think it's a shame the way everyone dresses so casually these days - or at least they do in NZ. Lacey, you look great. Love the shoes :-)

Anonymous said...

I love all the pics!

You look fabulous, Lacey! :-)

Celia May Hart said...

So lovely, Lacey...

I'm looking forward to the Regency evening at RWA National again this year. My dress is not authentic, the material is modern. But it has the look and I can zip it up without a maid's help.

I also bought some stylin' things for day wear at National too.

Lacy Danes said...

Oh Thanks for all the compliments everyone!

I wish I had a regency style dress. Someday I will get one.

Shelley, I so agree. I don't really wear pants or jeans often. I actually find them uncomfortable. I wish society dressed up more. Here in Seattle people even wear jeans to the opera and symphony. On the east coast I don’t think they would let you in!