Monday, May 21, 2007

Do your characters eat?

I hope this clip from YouTube is okay because I don't have sound at work--I am in fact eating lunch, not blogging on company time. This is the infamous food scene from the 1963 Tom Jones starring the young and handsome Albert Finney, a brilliant film IMO. The lady who is spilling her bounty onto the bounteous table turns out, unfortunately, to be Tom's mum, but never mind that small detail.

So I ask again, do your characters eat?--food, that is. I'm busy researching servants during the Regency at the moment and that's educated me, finally, about food in the period. No, they did not exist entirely on orgeat and lobster patties, or, like most of my characters, on tea and claret. We've talked about writing the big O and writing our fantasies, but how about writing about eating and chewing and taste and texture? Do you think it's sexy or has the potential to be so?

Do you have a favorite scene you've written and would like to share, or a favorite scene you've read or seen in a movie that you'd like to tell us about?


Pam Rosenthal said...

Oh dear, I haven't seen that in years. Yum. Lovely. The timing especially.

And I hadn't, in fact, known how much of it I used in the food flirtation scene in The Slightest Provocation. Leg of capon, french apple tart with sweetened whipped cream... ah well, call it an homage.

Sadly, I just this week took down that excerpt from my web page and replaced it with Mary and Kit first meeting as children -- though even there, they share an apple.

While as for the book I'm writing now -- hmm, the hero and the girl he's in bed with are sharing wine and biscuits in bed. The heroine is proofreading a dinner scene in her novel, and drooling over a lobster salad she's concocted -- literally drooling, because all she's to eat that day has been an apple and some nasty gruel.

Celia May Hart said...

Um... you know, outside of some fanfic (and why I wasted that scene on fanfic, I'll never know, but I think it was a double dog dare, or something) which involved canned peaches (I think). I don't think I have used food sexily.

Hmm, well this'll help the next time I get stuck for a scene!

Lucinda said...

There is one scene I'll never forget reading.

In Bertrice Small's Hellion, there is a scene where the heroine is offered grapes. She eats hers, and asks the man if he wants any. He says he prefers his a special way. He lays her down, inserts the grapes in know...and sucks them out and eats them.