Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday on a Friday

I don't know about the peanut gallery (that would be you), but when I read erotic fiction, I read it for the titillation. For the fantasy, the escape, the way it makes me feel.

Isn't that the point?

Which means, that for me, yes, the plot is important, but also pushing the envelope in the scenes is important too. Erotic fiction is where I live out my fantasies--things that I'd never in a million years want to have happen in real life (well, except the one with me and Johnny Depp and Clive Owen and Brad Pitt all naked in a shower together).

That's because for me, and for many women, those fantasies totally push the envelope of safety, control, and pain. The "forced seduction" is a big one--not just for me, but for other women. The orgy. The whipping and spanking. The domination and bondage and submission.

And so when I'm writing my erotic novels, I do research not only things like how the clothes in 1840 Paris worked (those blasted skirts! too wide to fit through a door, let alone be easily lifted for simple access) and what society was like...but also women's fantasies.

Since I have the golden rule (that's rule, Jane, not shower) in my books that there must be at least one orgasm per chapter (yep, it's my guarantee!), not only do I have to find, say, twenty ways of describing The Big O, but all the ways of getting there. (And, yes, I get paid to do this. I keep pinching myself.)

One of my best resources has been Nancy Friday's books My Secret Garden and Women on Top. For those of you who don't know, Ms. Friday has gathered and analyzed women's fantasies from women of our generations and collected them all in these, and other books. They're great.

So if you're worried that your fantasies are...shall way say...wayyyy over the top, that you're warped, disturbed, or otherwise messed up...check out her books. You'll be surprised at what you find.

Anyone want to share their favorite naughty fantasy? Feel free to be fact I encourage it. So, what is it?

Let's be Ms. Friday on a Friday here at The Spiced Tea Party. Who knows, your fantasy might just be brought to life in one of our books!

(And, no, Pam, getting tied to a harp wasn't one of my fantasies...but it worked just the same didn't it?)


Anonymous said...

Pretty much every scene in Ann Rice's Sleeping Beauty's Punishment is my fantasy.

Anonymous said...

I read a story once where there were people with lots of pierced body parts--and they were sort of hung/held in place by their piercings on their wrists and shoulders and such while they were having sex.

I found it very erotic, but then...I'm a guy.

Anonymous said...

the fantasy that I'm working on now is La Ronde -- you know, A fucks B who fucks C etc back to A. SO not romance. Yum.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why I'm bothering to be anonymous because those who know me will recognize me immediately ...

Lowood School, where I am a very naughty pupil. For my misdeeds (of a rather personal and private sort) I am summoned before the Rev. Brocklehurst and the Board of Trustees. Naturally I am wearing only frilly, elaborate Victorian underwear (sometimes my costume dept. in the personal porn biz does overtime). The Trustees sit behind a large table. Trembling, I approach. A couple of other pupils, also (inexplicably) in their skivvies, help me onto a tall stool.

"Wicked girl!" thunders Brocklehurst. "Ladies and gentlemen, this girl plays with herself!"

Gasps of horror from the Trustees. One of the women faints and has to be revived with smelling salts.
The Rev. orders me to demonstrate my sinful habit. Oh, the shame! standing, exposed in full view of all.

Yet as I obey I see a certain interest among the Trustees, shifting and unbuttoning, the hint of stealthy fumbling and groping.
"Stop!" Brocklehurst commands as I'm getting close. He rises to his feet, majestic, unbuttoned, and erect in every sense of the word.

And I think you can guess the pervy conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Now this one, I'm quite proud of, because I think it shows a great deal of originality.

The scene is a Victorian music hall, or a theater, full of mirrors, gilding, and elaborate decoration. (Before the days of power tools I tended to fall asleep while planning the interior design.) I'm in a net with fairly large holes (this is important) which I control somehow or other, and wearing, oh, possibly a little corsetty thing, and maybe a mask and a few feathers. You get the idea.

Below me is a pit full of men, all avidly gazing up at me as I hover above them, judiciously arranged in my net, flying around like a randy hummingbee. Randomly I'll swoop down to take advantage of a tongue here, a cock there, teasing the owner before I zoom up and away, looking for the next one.

And it can go on for hours.

Anonymous said...

Telepathic sex. Knowing, feeling, hearing your partner's thoughts, desires, and sensations along with your own.

Anonymous said...

I can hardly believe I'm actually sharing this, even anonymously. I would NEVER do this in real life, of course. (gah, can you see the blush through the computer?)

Anyhow, my fantasy is an orgy with multiple men and just me. All that attention focused on me.

Probably pretty mundane to erotica writers, but still one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you on the multiple men and just me fantasty. Not an option in real life, but I sure like to imagine it!!! Sharon Page's BLOOD RED is a vampire romantic with two male vampires and one woman. It's... very hot!

Anonymous said...

Me too, on the multiple men orgy.

I also like to fantasize about being tied down, spread-eagled, and forcibly seduced by the villain.

My traitorous body responds, though my mind prefers not to.

Anonymous said...

That whole forced seduction thing is so un pc but so hot! and the bisexual threesome

Anonymous said...

Um, wearing a frilly white corset thing and being bound belly down on the seat of a gleaming black motorcycle (whatever model has a lot of chrome) and being taken from behind by multiple men.

Captured by cool, analytical man in a white coat who explores my sexuality with an array of stainless-steel tools, warm oils, his cock, and the occasional sensation-enhancing injection in sensitive places.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I really liked the net fantasy. Good one!

Pam Rosenthal said...

I like the cool, analytical man with the stainless steel tools. Except MY cool analytical man is too important to be bothered even to use the tools, and so he's got this young woman who does it for him. Except she quits her job suddenly, and they give the job to this shy office temp. Who becomes so fascinated that she sneaks into the office at night to use the tools on herself -- but she doesn't understand the computer system totally and so she winds up locking her own data into the system.

I don't know what comes next.

Pam Rosenthal said...

yikes, I forgot to hit anonymous. And am locked into the system.

Anonymous said...


Myself, in a foursome. Riding, taking and sucking. Preferably with a blindfold. With no chance of escape for at least five hours. And they're all around the age of 43.

Or there is this thing I have being a stowaway on a ship and my only chance of staying alive is proving my worth to the captain by offering to be his mistress, and allowing myself to be watched by his crew.

I'm pretty twisted, I think.