Monday, May 14, 2007


Hi All this post will be short as I have a deadline looming and I need to write.
Okay deep breath.

The story that I am currently working on is based on Viking folklore for the Bear and the word Berserk.

I am really quite excited about the book, it is a paranormal historical set mainly in Regency England, one story is in Scandinavia. The book is about four brothers in a family, who is part of a subspecies of humans called Ursus.

Ursus are human only more…

The book my editor is calling ANIMAL LUST. LoL

I get a lot of my story ideas from reading history books. This one was no different really, though I did most of my research for this book after I had written the first scene, which actually is the third scene in the first story, The Love Of Ursus. (That scene came to me in a dream while I was writing Lusts Vow, the first story in WHAT SHE CRAVES.)

I have three of the four novella’s in this book written, and two of them edited. I have three weeks to write a novella and edit the last two. I have taken time off work and I am buckling down to write like mad!

My question is... Does it bother you when writers mix genres? Regency set historical erotic romance, mixed with paranormal, etc.

Off to write! See you all in June.

Hugs and Kisses,


Kate Pearce said...

I love it when authors mix genres! I'm trying to write a proposal right now that does that!
Good luck with all the deadlines!

Jane Lockwood said...

I have mixed feelings about mixed genres. On the one hand it seems we're barely scraping the surface of the Regency as it is. But I also admire the creativity of writers who can do what you're doing.

Little Lamb Lost said...

I am noticing more in mixed genre books and I really enjoy them.

Kalen Hughes said...

I don't "mind" it per se, but I'm not drawn to read such books. I’m just not a paranormal kind of girl. Clearly a large number of readers are though.

Pam Rosenthal said...

I've never been able to get my mind around mixed romance genres because it seems such a superhuman effort to me even to be imagining myself into someone else's head. But those who can should go for it.

Lucinda said...

If it's done well, I don't really mind. A few I read that aren't erotica, by Amanda Quick, are an example. But I've seen some authors completely butcher it.

I have a feeling I'll like yours, though. :D