Thursday, May 17, 2007

Obligatory visit

So this past week it was time for my annual visit to the ob/gyn. I can sense you all shuddering with joy.

As I lay back, feet in the stirrups, the topic of this post came to mind.

How little things have changed in the last two hundred years. Well, okay, they didn't have the chemistry that will show up cancerous cells on your cervix, but I recently purchased "The Amorous Illustrations of Thomas Rowlandson", having been inspired by Lacey's post, and I ask you -- does the picture below look much different from your annual ob/gyn visit?

Although admittedly, I think she's getting treatment for syphilis or some other v.d.

Apologies for the short post. If my head wasn't suffering from a cold, I'd ramble on more about it, but I'll leave that to you, dear readers!


Sharon Page said...

Hi Celia,
And a reminder to make that visit. My family doctor looks like he wants to jump out a window when I mention it, so time to find the specialist.

It's true how many things haven't changed. When my nephews were born, both were delivered with forceps. But where I live, in Ottawa, Canada, forceps are basically never used--when both my two were born, I was told I might have to be whisked off for a caesarian (when you're 9 cm into this and the contracts don't stop, you really don't want to be wheeled down the hallway). Luckily it didn't happen, but I was surprised how different things could be just in one country.

Sharon Page

Kate Pearce said...

I was a bit distracted by the group of ladies on the left of the picture-what are they doing? Playing cards or taking bets on what she's got?

speaking of different terminology, in the UK its called a 'smear test'

Celia May Hart said...

It's called a pap smear here. (Why, what did I say it was called? This cold is almost better...)

Kate -- as for your other question -- that's a good one? I think they're taking tea. Very restorative, you know.